Embroidered Men's Short Sleeve Tee Grab Bag

Style #9955

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Embroidered Men's Short Sleeve Tee Grab Bag
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Embroidered Men's Short Sleeve Tee Grab Bag

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Style #9955

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The Dark colors may include black, navy, red, brown, hunter green and other dark shades.

The Light colors may include white, pale yellow, light blue, khaki and other light shades.

When you order Style 9955, you can choose as many tee shirts in as many different sizes as you wish. We will then select a random sampling of fine quality short sleeve tees. If you order 3 Mediums and 4 Larges, you could receive 7 different tee styles in 7 different colors. Or you might receive just 2 tee styles all in the same color. Any combination is possible. It's part of the mystery and the fun!

Fit of the item: MEN'S RELAXED How To Measure
chest 35-37 38-40 41-43 44-46



chest 47-49 50-53 54-57 58-60

Fabric Style: Jersey

Product: t-shirt

Gender: men's

Brand: Standard

Sleeve: short

Fabric: Jersey Knit

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0 reviews by Trustpilot 1 by Queensboro

"If you are not particular for an exact color it is a great way of getting your logo out there for a perfect price."

by Lady Wrench
1 year ago