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Printed 100% Cotton 4-Ply Face Mask - 100 Mask Minimum

Style #10344

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Printed 100% Cotton 4-Ply Face Mask - 100 Mask Minimum
Style #10344

Printed 100% Cotton 4-Ply Face Mask - 100 Mask Minimum

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Product Details

These are printed, not embroidered face masks. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) just released a study indicating that the most effective face mask, short of a "N95" surgical mask is a multi-layer 100% cotton mask with a little texture on it. You can see an article on the study on the NIST website. These masks are 4 ply 100% cotton jersey fabric and have just a little texture. They are soft, durable and washable and the most affordable option we have found for a decorated face covering.

Unfortunately, in order to keep this price low, there is a 100 piece minimum per color, and a one color restriction on your logo. For more face coverings, some with lower minimums, and other printed and embroidered Covid related products, please click on the link at the top of this page titled Face Masks & PPE.

Features include:
- Body: 100% Cotton, 4 Layers, 125 GS
- Binding And Ear Loop: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
- For Non-Medical Use
- Single Imprint Color Only
- Imprint Area: Middle Center (Nose/Mouth): 3 1/2"W x 2 1/4"H
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Customer Reviews

64 Reviews
64 reviews by Trustpilot 0 by Queensboro

"Since embroidery takes less time to set up why not so embroidery with a very small logo or allow the mask to be blank for lower minimum. "

by 1962
16 hours ago

"Nicely done "

by Tito & Ari Painting
1 day ago

"Ouch!.. Has Queesnboro staff actually been READING the comments on this product? Because, I too have been looking to buy logo screened masks, and from having used these guys before, I (having been looking elsewhere) clicked to see what Queensboro had to offer. To my disbelief (and in total agreement with the other comments) was just blown away! I WOULD HAVE made my purchase from QB, but have absolutely no need for that many masks!! And at the expense?.. I'll be buying them elsewhere. Good luck QB."

by David Smith
4 days ago

"Queensboro is always my go to for my company apparel. I inquired early on regarding mask and they finally became available. To my surprise the quantity of an order was shocking, my company is small and do not require 100 mask. My business still remains closed but I would like to mail to my clients and staff as a thank you for their continued support and to continue to market my brand. It would be nice to get the quantity down to 10 or 20 from reading the other reviews you would sell a lot more mask. "

by One Step At A Tyme
5 days ago

"These masks are very small for an adult. We bought the minimum 100 and they barely fit my little head much less our male technicians. They suck in to your nose when you breathe making it hot and uncomfortable."

by Lori McDowell
6 days ago

"I was all excited to purchase these masks with my logo on it. But upon reading that you require a 100 mask minimum order is absolutely ridiculous. I have no need for 100 masks they should be sold in lots of 10. Please let me know if this absurd minimum order policy changes and I would be happy to order the masks moving forward."

1 week ago

"4 for the mask, lose a star for not being adjustable. The sample mask is very breathable, well actually, the best mask Ive tried this year. The 100 minimum is concerning, please review and consider. I believe if you drop the number down to 20, it would be a top seller. #dacoachspeaks"

by D. Samuel Services
1 week ago

"Shipped quickly. Comfortable fit. Slight shrinkage with drying but continues to lay flat!"

by Spring Environmental, Inc.
1 week ago

"I too am jumping on the "high minimum order" train. For small businesses like mine, minimum of 12 should be enough for our employees even if we have 1 or 2 left over. This is just my opinion."

by FIST Installation
1 week ago

"WHY in the world would you require such an outrageously high minimim order? I would love to buy some, but nowhere near 100. Since it's screened, it seems doubly outrageous. Have you considered the many comments here and do you plan to lower the minimum? Would love to use you, but will go elsewhere if I have to do so."

by CommuniGroup
1 week ago

"The masks are very soft and fit nice. They are the most comfortable over ear masks I've worn since this craziness has started. The only reason I didn't rate them at 5 stars is because the screen print was not 100%. I'm not sure if it's the type of material or not, but the logo screen print is thin so the underlying material color bleeds through. I'm used to seeing solid logo color only. This aside they are very nice masks and I plan to order more. The minimum is high, but they go super quick. Everyone wants one and hopefully everyone will be sporting my logo! That is the point. "

by Fukuda law firm
1 week ago

"This is a cheap bad product, do not waste your money in it."

by United Spirit of America
1 week ago

"Min 100 is too way much. Unless if the items have already been try on. Just to see how it fit and feel, Min 10 should sound good."

by Freedom Equity Group LLC
2 weeks ago

"I agree with everyone else. 400? Thats redunkulous! Please find a other vendor that will do less quantities. 400 is simply gouging YOUR customers. "

by Jay Dyess
2 weeks ago

"100 minimum.. that's dumb"

by JM Lawns
2 weeks ago

""100 minimum is ridiculous" Never seen this kind of conditions."

by customer
2 weeks ago

"As previously stated by every reviewer I've seen, 100 minimum is too many! I would be willing to pay a higher price if I could just get the realistic number that I need. I hope you'll send out emails to your customers if you change your policy on this."

by Linda Moeller
2 weeks ago

"Min is way to high you guys need to lower it to like 10 smaller companies may not have 100 employee ..."

2 weeks ago

"As so many have indicated,the 100 mask minimum is WAY too high to justify a mask that is NOT embroidered but printed. Cannot understand how your company would take advantage at a time when many are hurting due to the pandemic.....If you reconsider this price ,please contact me..Thanks "

by RuffRob Entertainment
3 weeks ago

"If I could have ordered a more usable number, say a minimum of 10, I would do this. 100 is just not practical for a small business unless you are re-selling them..."

by Driving Your Karma Photography
3 weeks ago