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Women's Grab Bag Short Sleeve Polo

Style 9946

$24.95 Per Item
Others Sell This Item For $48.54 - Save 49%
This style is no longer available.

Product Information

The Dark colors may include black, navy, red, brown, hunter green and other dark shades.

The Light colors may include white, pale yellow, light blue, khaki and other light shades.

This one is for ladies only. When you order Style 9946, you can choose as many shirts in as many different sizes as you wish. We will then select a random sampling of high-quality feminine polos. If you order three mediums and four larges, you could receive seven different polo styles in seven different colors. Or you might receive just two polo styles all in the same color. Any combination is possible. It's part of the mystery and the fun!

Guys can join in on the grab-bag fun by visiting Style 9920 on our user-friendly website.