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Sierra Pacific 2-in-1 Fleece Blanket/Pillow

Style 9015

$16.25 Per Item
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Product Information

We're selling a magic blanket. It's anti-pill, polyester fleece and is a full 50"x 62" with a black whip stitched edge. Cuddly fleece can be your best friend on a chilly night or in the fourth quarter of a long game. You'll find dozens of uses for this wonderful, fleece blanket. But, as good as that is, that's not the magic part.

When you fold this blanket into its pocket, it turns into a handy 12"x12" pillow. It certainly makes carrying the blanket easier and it's perfect for riding home from that long game (as long as you're not driving) or catching a nap on a long flight (as long as you're not piloting the plane).