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Digitally Printed Queensboro Classic 2-Ply Pima Pique Dark P

Style 1410D

$20.70 Per Item
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This style is no longer available.

Product Information

When two strands of silky, naturally strong extra-long staple Pima yarn are twisted together into one, it is truly the beginning of something special. Cloth knit from two-ply yarn has more of the surface area exposed to the skin. As a result, the cloth feels softer, breathes better, and, of course, is much stronger. Our yarn is made from ringspun, combed 100% Pima cotton and knit into a pique fabric. The handsome classic polo we make from that fabric is a shirt of virtually unequaled durability and comfort. Features include a ribbed knit collar, fully banded neck, banded sleeves, and generous 3" side vents. This is among our highest quality shirts and, to think, it all started with two strands of yarn!