Free Logo Set-Up!*

We're the first to admit that some of our competitors are more creative than we are. You visit their websites, and they'll tell you a great deal about how a logo is set up for embroidery, but many of them are kind of shy about telling you how much they are going to charge you for that service.

Here at Queensboro, we prefer to keep things simple.

It's easier for you and, frankly, it's easier for us. Neither one of us wants to waste a whole lot of time wading through dense lines of small print. That's why the following information is presented in a nice, clear, easy-to-read font.

If we can create your first logo in 11,000 stitches or less, we consider that a standard-size logo. We'll set up that first logo to be embroidered at absolutely no charge to you.

Odds are pretty good that your logo will fit our definition of a standard-size logo. At the present time, more than 95% of our customer logos come in at fewer than 11,000 stitches. However, if you have any doubts, feel free to call or email us with your logo and our logo specialists will be happy to evaluate your logo to determine whether you qualify for free logo set up.

Once our logo specialists are satisfied with the quality of your logo, they'll pass it on to our digitizers.

Converting your logo into a digitized form that our computerized embroidery equipment can understand is both an art and a science.

We employ skilled individuals, appropriately called digitizers, to do the job. How well they do their jobs is the difference between whether your logo makes a positive impression or whether it just sits there on your shirt looking awkward.

Modern embroidery machines run off computer data. Despite their ability to perform mathematical functions at lightning-quick speeds, computers aren't very bright. They'll put thread wherever the digitizer tells them to put it, even if that location doesn't make any sense at all.

We employ some of the best digitizers in the world to make sure that all of the threads end up in the right places. The result is an embroidered logo that you'll be proud to wear.

* Free logo set-up applies only to the first logo on your account. The logo must be 11,000 stitches or less. Logos that exceed the 11,000 stitch maximum may incur additional fees. If you call or email and request we provide a free logo evaluation to determine if your first logo qualifies for free logo set-up, we would be happy to do so. To set up an additional logo on your account that is under 11,000 stitches- there is a $25.00 set up fee.

To learn more about embroidery, click here.

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