FREE Embroidery*

Sometimes one small letter can make a great deal of difference. Nobody enjoys paying a fee, yet everybody likes things that are free.

Here at Queensboro, if we can produce your logo in 11,000 stitches or less, we'll embroider it for free. More than 95% of our existing customer logos qualify for free embroidery.

Little fees can add up quickly. If you place an order with one of our larger competitors, for instance, and your logo comes in at 9,000 stitches, they'll charge you $8.10 to embroider that item on each polo shirt you order. If your logo comes it at 7,000 stitches, the fee for custom embroidery on each item drops to $5.50.

If you order 100 golf shirts, caps, work shirts, or bags over the course of a year, you'll be paying anywhere from $550 to $810 in embroidery fees alone from our competitor.

Other companies choose to base their embroidery fees on the 1,000-stitch rule. For every 1,000 stitches it takes to create your embroidered logo, they charge you a dollar an item. If it takes 7,000 stitches embroider your logo on their polos, they'll tack on a $7 embroidery fee for each shirt. If they use 10,000 stitches, you're looking at a $10 embroidery fee per shirt.

Let's turn that custom-embroidery fee into custom-embroidery free. It's simple, to get started just upload your logo and you are ready to go. Also, at your request via phone or email, one of our trained logo specialists will evaluate your logo to guarantee that it qualifies for free embroidery.

We've been building strong relationships with our customers for more than a quarter of a century. In that time, some of those folks have saved thousands of dollars in embroidery fees. Isn't it time that you were freed from endless trap of embroidery fees? Place your first order today to begin experiencing a different kind of logo-apparel company.

*Free embroidery applies only to logos that are 11,000 stitches or less. At your request we can provide a free logo evaluation to determine if your logo qualifies.

To learn more about embroidery, click here.

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