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Port Authority Dress Shirt Grab Bag

Style 9990

This style is no longer available.

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Product Information

The Dark colors may include black, blue, dark gray, green and other dark shades. The Light colors may include khaki, pale green, light blue, stone and other light shades. Both may include solids or subtly patterned material.

When you order Style 9990, you can choose as many shirts in as many different sizes as you wish. We will then select a random sampling of fine quality Port Authority buttondowns. If you order three mediums and four larges, you could receive seven different shirt styles in seven different colors, all great quality Port Authority shirts. Or you might receive just two shirt styles all in the same color. Any combination is possible. You could easily end up with several quality woven shirts that were selling not too long ago for $29.95 or even $39.95 before they were discontinued. Nobody knows. That's part of the fascination and part of the fun.

Just like our other Grab Bags, colors and styles are random, but you're guaranteed to get a great shirt for an absolutely astounding price with this incredible grab bag.